Not growing at the rate you want? Stagnant sales? Crushing tasks daily but not moving the needle? Then we should talk!

I help million-dollar companies double their revenues by diagnosing the root cause of why your $1-2 million company is not progressing to the next level.

Is your company experiencing symptoms of burn out, financial stress, or stagnate sales? As the MD Business Coach, I am here to help. Specializing in diagnosing and treating the root causes of why your million dollar company is stagnant and not growing at the rate it should be, I will help you breakthrough. 

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I know your struggle. And I also know how to break through it!

Being an entrepreneur, scaling business can be quite challenging– maybe even chaotic– deciding what areas in the company are holding you back.

Where should your focus be? What strategies can you implement? How can you get the buy-in of the team? These are just a few of the questions we ask ourselves while dealing with the challenges of keeping mentally focused on the right strategies, mentoring your team members and ensuring clients are satisfied. 


Like any good doctor would do for their patient, MD Coaching will do for your business. After 20+ years building business and 12 years building and running a $5.5 million company, I have experienced what works and what doesn't when focusing on getting to the next level. 


Consistency. Communication. Connection.



What can MD Coaching do for me?

The Three C's

We start by assessing the current health of your company by gathering vital information and data and then focus on three main areas that will shift your business what I call "The Three C's":


Being consistent is imperative to your company's growth. This entails that all key personnel are in the right roles, have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and stay in their lanes. This is most important for the CEO to set the standard. I do this by assessing the health of the foundation of the company, how consistency has been implemented and reinforced and how to better establish consistent expectations among the team to ensure high standards are met.


Communication will make or break a company.  Both verbal and written communication are imperative to run a smooth operation, ensure efficient performance and hit deadlines. Communicating expectations for both internal employees and clients will lead to more aligned performance, happier customers and increased sales. Written shared documentation is crucial in ensuring inter-department communication, which leads to more efficient delivery for clients.


Although we all yearn for it, in business, connection is often undervalued. The connection established with clients allows loyalty to build, which secures future business and referrals.  However, just as (if not more) vital is your relationship with internal employees. The more you value their opinion and care about their lives, the more focused your employees will be, which makes performance soar. Along with focusing on these connections, I will also inspect your sales strategies with incoming, outgoing, follow-through and all leads that come in.

After building and running a $5.5 million a year company for the past 12 years, I am more than qualified to teach what processes, documentation, and communication channels are required to be established and flowing in order to take your business to the next level. Click below for a free consultation call to see how I can help your company reach new heights.

You don't need to do this on your own

As a self reliant entrepreneur who built a $5.5 million company, I know what it is to have the mentality that you can do it all yourself....

Working 12 hour days, grinding every single sale out, dealing with all sorts of employee issues, hiring, firing and constantly feeling you are chasing your tail...

After a while, however, this all leaves you mentally exhausted, disconnected, isolated and frustrated that you cannot get ahead.

It's time to shift the way you work and the performance of your business and my proven process will work for you!

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